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A nomadic colony sim with portals. You'll need to manage your settlers, explore strange new worlds through the mystical gate, and overcome the dangers you find there to succeed on the wild frontier of the Gateworlds.


  • Lead your settlers - Each settler is an individual with their own skills, traits, relationships, and desires. If you can keep them all happy, loyal, and injury-free, the group will thrive. That won't be easy, however: the Gateworlds are a challenging place to live.
  • Explore new worlds - Travel through a mystical gate to procedurally-generated new worlds. Explore mountains and deserts, floodplains and mangroves... but keep an eye on the time, as the gate won't stay open forever. If it closes before all your settlers have returned, you'll have to choose which group to follow, and which to abandon to their fate. Maybe you'll find them again later. Maybe something else will find them first.
  • Manage your settlement - No sprawling towns here: periodic relocation makes most frontier settlements lean and functional. Sleeping quarters, workstations, and a defensive wall are the only necessities, though most settlers will appreciate any further comforts available. Grow crops, hunt game, and process the resources you need to craft and maintain everyone's equipment. You'll need to manage your settlement and prepare for expeditions into the unknown. It pays to be ready when the gate opens again.
  • Face hostile conditions and dangerous creatures - Under your direction, your settlers will brave bitter cold and blistering heat, deal with wildfires and floods, all while defending themselves and their supplies from terrifying predators and formidable herbivores. Just as your settlers can travel through the gate, some of these creatures may decide to come the other way.
  • Choose your own path. Write your own story - This adventure is yours to shape. Will you move carefully, or plunge headlong into the unknown? Will you band together with other settlers, keep your distance, or plunder their settlements? Will you follow bloodthirsty Balatoc, god of blood? Tolerant Levia? Flexible Ydrig? Will you sacrifice everything to appease the Void, or spurn the gods and go it alone? Guide your settlement to write the story of a handful of settlers and their adventures across the strange frontier of the Gateworlds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gateworlds your first game?

Gateworlds will be Hydrarch's first title since being founded as a two-person team in 2020. Since then, the studio has expanded to six members, broadening the studio's range of experience in the disciplines of game design, art, coding, and audio. Separately, various team members have released or contributed to other games including the puzzle game Me Myself & Die for Android and the AGDA-nominated visual novel Amarantus.

When is Gateworlds expected to release?

Q4 2024 is our projected release date for Early Access. A demo will be released some time before Early Access.

How can I play it before release?

We will be reaching out for community interest in testing our demo and providing feedback. Keep an eye on our socials, sign up for our mailing lst, and wishlist our game to stay up to date and find out when we will be running our next community play test.

If you are a content creator or member of the press, please reach out to us at

What were the inspirations for Gateworlds?

Various colony sim, RTS, & survival games including Rimworld, Oxygen Not Included, Clanfolk, Don’t Starve, and Age of Empires.

What will the fully released version of Gateworlds include?

Our ongoing play tests will help to dictate the specific features that will be in the fully released version. We strongly believe in working with our community and engaging with feedback to help guide us towards the best possible game. Some of the anticipated features being worked on:

What platforms will Gateworlds be available on?

Steam for PC and Mac.

How much will Gateworlds cost?

Pricing will be announced closer to the early access release.

Can I create content using Gateworlds and/or use Gatewords content for monetization purposes?

Hydrarch allows the contents of Gateworlds to be published through video broadcasting services for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Gateworlds is legally and explicitly allowed by Hydrarch.