Our first game, Gateworlds, is currently in development.

Gateworlds is a realtime colony-sim game about exploring a fantasy frontier.

Build your settlement, manage expeditions across strange new worlds and bring your settlers back alive before the portal closes.

Send your settlers to chop wood, mine ores, hunt game and fight dangerous beasts across a variety of worlds, each presenting different conditions and challenges. You might gather a huge stockpile of wood from a boreal forest world, then burn it for warmth pursuing a herd of mox across a frozen desert.

Brave fetid swamps, dense jungles, and volatile firebrand worlds, relocating to new biomes and exploring ever more dangerous regions in pursuit of food and resources.

But be warned: out there be dragons…

Stay tuned for its release on Steam!

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Dr Damian Merrick
Dr Damian Merrick
Director | Programmer

I’m Hydrarch’s founder and technical lead. When not making or playing games, you can find me playing tennis, practising dad jokes on my two children, or solving groundwater flow equations.

  • Gamer motivation profile: Architect
  • Favourite monster: hydra
David Flintoft
David Flintoft
Game Programmer

It's my job to code our game into existence and ensure it doesn't fall apart upon release. In my spare time I enjoy staring at a computer screen and hissing at sunlight.

I'm the one that Jase aims to frustrate.

  • Gamer motivation profile: Skirmisher
  • Favourite monster: wyvern
Jase Marsh
Jase Marsh
Game Designer

I own a bunch of very impressive board games, enjoy hiking in places whose weather isn’t all that happy about it, and am keenly interested in damn near everything. In my free time, I sidestep metaphors and absorb information like something that absorbs a great deal of information quite rapidly.

Oh, and sometimes I amuse myself by putting things in the game specifically to frustrate you.

Luke Mac
Luke Mac
2D Artist

I studied computer science with Dr Damian, but somehow ended up lost in Asia, doing graphic design. Now, I'm Hydrarch's art director, responsible for concept art, finished art and all things visual, including this website.

I haven't stopped travelling: I'm currently working from Canggu, Bali, and still enjoy getting lost on weekends.

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